Raven meets the Sea Wolf

Love makes everyone do crazy things. In this story, Raven falls in love and will do anything to win the heart of his girl. The girl’s mother tells him that if he captures the famous Sea Wolf, Wasgo, he can have her daughter’s hand in marriage. Wasgo is a very dangerous creature … is Raven out of his league or can his cunning save the day?

Raven Goes Fishing

All Raven wants to do is get something to eat, he is very hungry after flying over the ocean to the Big Island. In this exciting story, Raven meets new animal friends who try to teach him how to fish but he may have met his match when he tries to steal salmon from the Great Golden Grizzly Bear.

Raven and the Dogfish Woman

Raven is lonely when he sees a beautiful woman on a secluded beach. He turns himself into a man and charms his way into her hut and into her life. Raven is quite happy as his wife fishes and cooks for him, but insanely curious why she always keeps her face covered and he decides that he must know what she looks like. This is a story of love and heartache as Raven learns a painful lesson.

Raven and the Little Makers

Raven’s adventures take him far and wide. One day he meets two beavers who enjoy having fun as much as he does. The beavers use magic to get salmon, and of course Raven wants that magic. His greed may be his downfall this time.